Additional car key

Some years ago there was a thread about getting an extra car key, with fob, made at a ‘reasonable’ price.  An MOL search hasn’t turned up that thread.  After this much time it may also be irrelevant.

Does anyone know of a place where I can get this done?

Greatly appreciated.

I bought additional key fobs on Amazon and had Bernie of Bernie's auto program the new key fobs.

It will depend on what kind of car and key you have. But, like tjohn, I bought a key fob on Amazon and went to a Chevy dealer to have them cut the key. That was 3 years ago. Here's my post on Facebook about it:

As a follow-up on this I did end up going to a dealer. I purchased the key fob on Amazon last December for $25 and was putting off getting the key cut at a dealer because I had read online that it would cost around $200. Long story short, after calling a few places I went to Open Road on Rt 22 and they cut it for $20 after quoting me $50 on the phone (which was weird). I was able to program the fob myself for free, following instructions online. So all told it actually cost me $45. Thanks for all the recommendations!

This is the kind of key I have, so YMMV.

Not new experience either.  Spouse and I each had a fob to the car we owned at the time.  Spouse’s fob was lost.  We got a replacement fob from a local locksmith (I forget who but it still may be in the MOL archives.). Since a fob had been lost, we got both fobs reprogrammed. When the lost fob was found, we tried to get that fob reprogrammed as well and were told by the locksmith that we could only have two fobs programmed for a given vehicle.

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