Answer a question with a question

Can't wait to get rid of me, eh?

where will you go?

Do you know where you're going to?

Who'll stop the rain?

Who responsible for this rain anyway?

Why can't people take responsibility for anything anymore?

Is it only me, or do you have something to do with it also?

Are you saying that's my fault?

is it shoefly or shewfly??

Are we talking about pie, or are we having a conversation with a fly?

does anyone know what are we talking about ??

Aren't you the one driving this bus?

Wait, did I miss my stop?

did you ask for directions ?

Why not enjoy the journey rather than rushing to a destination?

was there free drinks ??

Wait, we're heading out for free drinks?

Um, do you realize who you're talking to?

are we still talking about drinks ??

can I have a few more shots???

Isn't that what you meant when you suggested shots?

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