Answer a question with a question

Are you willing to take that chance?

Does a humming bug bum you?

Could I have a humming bird instead?

Do birds stop humming when they remember the words?

If they stop humming, do they start tweeting?

How can they hold the smartphone and tweet at the same time?

You never heard of chirp-to-text?

Does anyone have a chalk I could borrow ?? wink

Are you an angry mother?

Can I write on your sidewalk ??

What do you want to write?

Will it have pictures too?

What does it mean if it's cold and dry?

Is it cold and dry enough for you today?

Are you referring to HQ's nose?

^^^ hahahahahaha

What about my nose ??? wink

Nothing Dearrrr- I think it's a lovely petite nose.
Why not ask mrinc. why HE brought it up?


Yeah mrincredible why you brought it up??

Did anyone notice SOMEONE evading the issue?

Is my work here done?

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