Assorted plant material - looking for a good home

Anthony Waterer spirea - 3  - rootball approx 10-12" plus diameter each

Cedar (eastern white cedar?) - 1 -  in approx 1 gallon pot

Buddleia davidii (butterfly bush) - 3 - rootball 12-14" plus diameter each - not sure if white, pink or blue

Echiniaea purpurea - 1 small clump

Miscanthis purpurascens (ornamental grass) 1 small clump

Not yet identified small ornamental conifer - 1 - approx 8-10" diameter rootball

Send me Message if interested

will message, would love the spirea.

Would love the butterfly bushes. Could come by and pick up Sat evening or Sunday morning.

Would love the echinacea.

It's still here, ina, as is the cedar, other unidentified conifer, and 1 spirea. And ornamental grass.

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