Careful of your credit card - Covid

Just a warning. I got a brand new card (routine), and had used it at shops only twice last week when my card was used fraudulently to buy something locally. Not a company or product I use, but a very local transaction. I reported it and got it removed from my bill, but ....

One of those two times I used the card, I had to hand my card to somebody who took it into  the store to get my purchase and handed the card back with my purchase. The other store I had shopped at was a national chain and I had possession of my card the whole time.

Point is do NOT abandon your card to anybody, regardless of your level of trust or the plausibility of this handover being to protect everyone. I frequent this shop occasionally and know the guy who took the card to say hi, but I am certain this is where my card was compromised and likely by this person. I have no interest in destroying the business so will not say the name but will not be shopping there again.

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe it makes sense to talk with the owner of the business? I wouldn’t want to let the situation continue, but at the same time, I would not want to be the reason a person (who might be really desperate) lost their job.  It’s a tough time. Really don’t know what is the best course of action. I’m sorry this happened to you. 

When doing curbside pickup I have been paying in advance when I place the order, either online or over the phone. Of course the card could still be compromised but I think its less likely.

Sorry that you had the inconvenience.

I mark it up to live and learn, and there are no long term issues for me, just temporary inconvenience. I posted it here so that others may think twice and avoid the same mistake. 

fwiw re sweetnuggles post, the person who took my card is either the owner or the manager. if it were other times I might out them but because of the way things are am letting it lie and just remind people to be careful. 

In any case I will no longer be a customer there.

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