College graduate gift

My cousin recently graduated from Harvard and now I hear there will be a graduation party. I would like to give a gift and not money. He is brilliant and already has a job with a great N Y C organization. Any ideas?

You might elicit more of a response if you offered a few details, like perhaps his age or career choice, maybe even some hobbies or interests he has. Is he in a house or apartment, city or suburbs? Is he setting up housekeeping for the first time on his own? Just an idea…

Thanks,Heynj. He's 22 and back home with parents in Brooklyn for now. Transportation is his thing and as a high school student  he was involved with various committees concerning NYC transportation. This is where he will work.Hope this helps.

Perhaps the book "Sandhogs" by Gina LeVay as part of his gift? The photographer lives in Brooklyn, and I know one of the workers in the gorgeous and somewhat haunting images of these deep dark subway and water tunnels being dug under NYC.

Sprout , Sounds great Just the sort of thing he would like.

Is there still a NYC Translt shop at Grand Central? Maybe some sort of themed bookends he will have for years to come. Or maybe search on eBay or Etsy for something vintage or unusual, a “souvenir,” but really a keepsake. 

Is the City Store still online? I used to go to the storefront in the Municipal Building just north of the Brooklyn Bridge.  They had a lot of City transit themed merchandise.

I might be unpopular for this, but don't buy him "things" or collectibles when he is living at home with his folks and heading towards a tiny apartment in the near future.  Focus on the commute.  Does he have good earbuds?  Does he like ebooks?  

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