Compose a limerick about the person above you...

DaveSchmidt said:

Mr. T's definition of levity
Shames mine and its tepid naivete
Better, his badinage
Proves again the old adage:
The wit of Soulful is best when in brevity

I think we have here the winner!!!
Jasmo, invite Dave to dinner!
The two of you waxing
words wrestling, relaxing
heralding both of you as the main pinner!

That Boomie is oh such a treat,
from her nose right on down to her feet.
Just don't try to go best her,
or even molest her,
for it always will end in defeat.

MonJay, so I've heard, is no Aussie
(From a source, if not reliable, at least bossy)
Perhaps more quotidian
Is he a Floridian?
From Tampa? Fort Pierce? Tallahossee?

Ah, well, there's no need for a posse
Wherever he's from, grim or glossy
He gives good advice
And makes me think twice
About gloves, gams and snoots -- like Bob Fosse

(Gloves gams and snoots?)

That DS he sure knows how to flatter,
Sans him this is all mindless patter,

So I'll give him a clue,
'cause that's just what I do,
I live close to where Mounties do chatter.

Hail the land of Yukon, Alberta, Sasketch!
(Even for a limerick, mine was a stretch:
"Remove hand from glove";
Gams on the gals here you love,
And snoots for "snort" ... Fosse's habit, poor wretch)

I'm a nice guy, so I'll give you one more -
to round this out and even the score,
It's a lake that separates me from those over there,
and I'm still in New York (as it's only fair).
A Garbage Plate seems to be the town dish......
Pardon me sir, but does it smell here like fish?

With more bluesman in him than tsarist
Monjay knows how to salute a guitarist.
Stevie Ray Vaughan:
Like T-Bone and Freddie, rave on.
May you have found them, and not as a lone star rest.

His brother may be Michael Jack
But why is Dave on the attack?
Monjay has dug in
Getting under the skin
of the original Philly Fanatic

Rhymed in English or said through Haitian
This, bak, is a thread you may shun
If it's an attack that you seek
(Me, I'm perfectly meek)
For bloodlust, you should see Education

With apologies to Roger Angell, Ian Frazier, Edgar Williams and any other metrically competent scribe who has rhymed a year-end roll call, here's to you, MOL.

First a bouquet thrown to MOL’s bosses
(Ain’t that what a typical commenter tosses?)
Their work is our play
-- Damn, there went the day
Curses, you time-sucking *****, dave and jamie

Jasper and dg8²
Thank you for being prepared
To welcome new friends,
This site’s dividends
Proof that nothing beats chats in real life shared

Some posters come across arms akimbo
That’s one stance. Far better is flimbro
He’ll outstretch a hand
To help understand
Else he finds a fat bull’s-eye; draws slim bow

A beautiful bird is the quetzal
Prettier, at least, than an Edsel
And no Philly Cap’n
(Even Noah) can hap’n
To match Marko’s skill porting a pretzel

There’s hardly enough room in Alaska
To contain all the points where I part with ctrzaska
Still, a likable bloke
Just – how is it spoke?
Your name? If we meet I mustzaskya

In Education threads, where the fuss all is,
Count on 44, 67 and 1014 to whet phrenic muscleses
Don’t need no research:
You can trust jfburch
And glad this sprout is ours and not Brussels’s

It’s the seventh stanza of versin’
Time for a stretch -- eh, wendy, real person?
She never pulls punches
This big fan of Munchies
And of the sport passed to my son and her son

Hey, someone said munchies – good work!
By now, everyone here needs a perk
Head to the Taylors
(You expected the Wailers?)
Where the nicest people make the best jerk

In meggie shines the spark of a reader
For good causes there’s no better leader
A limerick’s a poor trade
For the impact she’s made
I’ll simply say it was a privilege to meet her

Ridski can stir us like few can
With posts full of depth and acumen
But note: Mental candy
Be it goofy or randy
Is a joy, and from him “that’ll do, man”

Inquisitive and curious tomdevon
Turns Post House noise down to 11
Though late to the party,
Showed he’s a true smarty
He should feel 60 feet tall. OK, 47

Something about author’s ellipses
Spurs fond thoughts of the poet’s Ulysses*
“To strive, seek and find
“Not to yield” – undermined
Only by balls (tennis, son) bounced off brick friezes

*Author may use the Greek form, if he pleasses.

To the many who haven’t been credited
Did your company charm me? You bet it did
Mets fans, Down Underers,
Kind grammar unblunderers:
Happy Holidays! No, New Year! Aw, geez …

One day I do hope to meet DaveSchmidt

And I'll tell him just how to pronounce it

Ere that future time

I'll defer to his rhymes

Though I'd much rather read Mr. Eliot

Not known, because not looked for
But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
Between 2 a.m. and 3.

Well done, sir.  Well done. 

Ahhhh, memorialized in prose by the one DaveSchmidt

(He the Thread Bender, Rant Tamer and Wielder of Wit)

Although I'm sure I'm not worth the space 

I will always be accepting of the style and grace that

DaveSchmidt dispenses with elan to 

spare as if speaking to the heart 

was as natural as air.

On composing a poem I'd pass,

but to say "Thank you!" DaveSchmidt for your class! 

I can't match Flimbro's fine art

of words that great lessons impart

So, instead of writing deep voiced, here's my cute as*...terisk.

Limericks, they aren't free verse.

The rhythm you have to rehearse.

If it scans willy-nilly,

It will sound awfully silly.

And believe me, nothing is worse.

Ha! To a thread long ignored

Returns, as expected, its lord

Scolding, begrudging,

In general, humbugging

Guess there's no disassociating from that part of the Word

This guy Soulful is much too imperious 

Hopefully his spinning is not nearly as serious

For life on the one and twos

Shouldn't give you the blues

Quite the opposite, it should make ya delirious

There once was a nice guy from Philly

His words are kind, well-timed, and not silly

He's got common sense

His posts are never too dense

Good Tidings to him and his most heartily

Has it really been December 4

Since your limericks last made me snore?

Timely charm I'll inject

It's what you expect

Soulful's wit is what you adore.

There once was a guy I met at Bunnys

He showed me his tattoo that was not funny,

A serious dude,

Enlightened, not crude,

I determined he was a honey. grin

He remembers meeting you, too.

And showing his lovely tattoo

You think it's not funny?

He paid all that money

Just to show to the world he's a Jew.

Hah!!! Now That's funny!  oh oh   question 

I think that it really is time

To post a few stanzas sublime

I'm showing my love

to the poster above

But is oneofthegirls still on line?

It's clear that the poster above

Is so very worthy of love

His beautiful mind

Will fit your behind

Like a hand in a goddamn glove

He loves music, it's true

On that score he may imbue

His ideas are worth noting

On the web they go floating

Doesn't matter if he's a Jew

So let me just throw in a smidgen

You ratty-assed, grey-haired old pigeon

As long as you're bein'

The one called "Bad Ian"

I wouldn't poke fun at religion.

Poking fun at religion

Was not my ambition

You cock-eyed silly How

In old age cliche, quite bitter now

Quick to judge by your own admission

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