Compose a limerick about the person above you...

The economy's in a tailspin,
No doubt from too much of sin,
Instead of inflation, we now have deflation
Including erections: can't win.

When Mommyrock mentioned erection
I didn't think of manly projections
Truth be told
I thought of the cold
and a woman's automatic detection

We've a new poster come to this party
With a serious theme he's a smarty
Economics aside
Glad to see a new tide
I'm hoping for something less tarty

So much for my hopes and dreams
So back to the gutter it seems
I'll now give up tryin'
You won't hear me cryin'
As we get back to the randier themes

Her talents are so hard to measure
She writes about blowjobs and weather
But what you should know
is theres more to this Ho
she swings from a seat and a tether


Wait, I wrote about USMTFan and everyone seems to be doing something else. K Im out. Will read closer next time.

She writes about dating and males
Her stories are humorous without fail
One thing she has wrong
don't string them along
My last scene was about handjobs, not 'tail'

Boomie was following the rules
Which is more than the rest of these fools
Her limerick a tribute
To Fan was most astute
Look above when composing such jewels.

Karen O has curls and big tatas
She married a man from Los Platas
A Jewish Hot Mami
She's like a tsunami
if you mess with her gelt or her flautas

Kareno is right, there's no doubt
Don't think we should count Boomie out
with posts all a-crossing
no one should be tossing
someone who joins in our rout.

Kareno's boot came down on my head
My post was for Jasmo instead
I was late to the game
Not to mention too tame
Hoping now to get back some street "cred"

While following the intention
we clearly needed to mention
exactly the time
we spend on each rhyme
Posts crossing have no prevention

Don't worry, only be honest
Don't feel that you've been admonished
You can't control timing
While doing your rhyming
Cross posting, it will not be punished

We are encouraged just not to lie,
For then we would surely die,
But how much do we boast
About timing the most,
Between the neck and the thigh?

What in the world could it be
That this limerick's trying to be?
I'm afraid Jasmo
That your poem has no
Discernible meaning to me.

I agree with the Soulful T
there's no comprehension for me
Jasmo please explain
this exact refrain
what betwixt neck and thigh could be.

Maybe he's describing his lover.
Either her or maybe another.
I'll say by and by,
From neck down to thigh,
Is a lot of landscape to cover

Covering's not the intention
Boasting is what he did mention
My best guess would be
some skin we might see
how much should be our new question

Midst chaos and world destruction,
Thanks for the deconstruction,
As I cry in my beer,
I have less to fear,
Knowing MOL poets have suction

The crux is sucking and suction
difficult to choose either one
neither are bad
there's fun to be had
but not, perhaps, with that tone

Maybe it's not about tone.
But multiple mentions of "bone."
The safest deduction
When talking 'bout suction
Is likely to leave it alone

A tone is not a ton it's said
So why try to rhyme 'em instead?
Seems better to me
To be a poet with glee
Than to force the words to be read.

To have fun, I will engage
I hear it's all the rage.
No more moping
When I could be loping
And breaking out of my cage.

On hiatus I went for a while
Cooking dinner and getting the child
I've read through the rhymes
While I laughed many times
Hoping more will add to the style

Is Mod a Chick or a Dude
Either way I'm likin the 'tude
it's always a pleasure
to find a new MOL treasure
Like Adele, it awakens my mood.

Why, Mod you sound so domestic.
I really do find that fantastic.
Would it be out of place,
To come clean MY place?
Please don't make your answer sarcastic.

Glad Boomie likes what I bring
I aim to make these words sing
As for Mr. Soulful T
That's just so not me
Cleaning's not really my thing

Boomie you really are fast.
The mold broke after your cast.
But remember the truth
From the twelfth book of Ruth.
The first will always be last.

Phooey 'the first will always be last'
The people are having a blast
they're taking the time
to figure out rhyme
No need to hash over the past

Mr. T, I keep thinking in rhyme
And it's happening all of the time
You began this addiction
To this new MOL fiction
While everything else is part-time

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