Compose a limerick about the person above you...

Mod hit the nail on the head
I'm supposed to be writing - instead
I think 'bout b and 'bout a
Not bout Folk or 'bout Fae
I must put my story to bed!

we need more sexual innuendo
otherwise i'll go play the ninetendo
i cannot get off
on sycophantic trough
clean rhymes can't help me crescendo

Mommy, I go into spasm.
My brain is deep in a chasm.
There, all alone,
In your south Texas home.
All you can think about is the rhyme scheme.

Mommy your good for one note
It's to the naughty that you devote
When titillation does fail
Your so quick to wail
But it's not my intention to gloat

Mod, your troubles will mount.
Like pennies in a deep fount.
Your poems just fair.
The thoughts full of air.
It's syllables that you can't count.

T, your showing that side
That ole Hank lately did chide
I added one "to"
It made you so blue
That you felt the need to deride

Mod, sometimes it's harder you'll find
to select just the right rhyme
which conveys a bit
of scandalous wit
like "I eat everything but the rind"

You think that you're all about funky
tho I will admit that you're spunky
a fun loving guy
who would wear a black tie
and prove that you're never a flunky.

Be kind to me; that was my first-ever limerick.

Reingold just made his poetic debut
He is timid, but this, his first try, will do
His wisdom is plenty
His words are not empty
So his next limerick, with knowledge, he'll imbue.

Must she use a word like "imbue?"
Or does Karen O just like to spew?
She tries to be fancy.
Like some uptown Nancy.
When a plain twenty cent word will do.

you would chastise for the use of "imbue"
when "japes" and foreign bits come from you?
plus, how can you ever mean
to rhyme spasm, chasm and scheme
for your impertinence, a spanking is due

Oh Mommyrock, it's time to sell tickets
The MOL'ers will flow from the spigots
To see Soulful cry
Bent over your thigh
You'll have fun and make more than 6 digits.

KarenO is making a mint
Off of Soulful T's punishment
While he screams and hollers
She's counting up dollars
His objections help not a dint

I wouldn't worry about money.
Karen is really my honey.
The truth is, Fan,
Right down to a man,
I'm the only one keeping this funny.

Your humor is often biting,
And leads to considerable fighting.
I have to endorse Mommyrock's recourse,
As on your butt she's alighting.

There was a fellow named Jasmo
Who loved the smooth sounds of jazz, yo
He listened day and night
Until his wife started a fight
By saying, "you need to cut the grass, mo"

Jasmo, to hang in this joint,
Yourself you have to anoint
Not just a consumer
Of rhythmical humor
Being biting is really the point

So TT jumps into the fray.
Thinking that this is the way.
To get herself back
On the popular track.
But to go, it's a very long way.

TT doesn't need to say Boo
She's silent and deadly, dats tru
A few words, when she spews
takes 2 clean up crews
Her in boots makes you run to the loo.

Soulful thinks he's suddenly cool
By making everyone into a fool
He thinks he's the limerick king
But he's hanging by a string
I've heard better rhymes in preschool

You see limericks, in order to please
must speak truth, with humor to ease
the sting of the bite
not just cause a fight
Mr T where were you the other night?

Boomie, your face will be red.
I'll stand your remark on it's head.
You ask where was I
When you know, don't be shy,
I was deeply ensconced in your bed.

I don't know why you were there!
I was out with my pal, Tami Bear.
We were picking up men
brought them back to the pen
imagine our surprise at your stare!

When you and TT were both there.
I couldn't help but to stare.
You're both very gorgeous.
What seemed to engorge us.
Was the fact that you were both bare.

Boomie reminds me of Artemis
Hunting the men with a deadly kiss
She flashes her smile
Beguiling, with style
Watch out Soulful, she doesn't miss

But the thing was those other two males
thought a fivesome was a bed of nails
took one look at the bed
with you in it and fled
for quadruplets they thought would prevail

Oh the way we were pawed
Should have been outlawed
It was with great delight
The way we spent the night
I think I just blew my limerick wad

KarenO you seem to just know
Some others just think I'm a Ho
I sleep with so few
Always looking anew
for the one who is lover not foe.

Boomie's reputation's intact,
Of this we are sure, it's a fact
She only sleeps
With the most outstanding peeps
Her lovers are soul mates enrapt.

Jasmo I wish you were single
that limerick did make just tingle
in places obscure
of this, please be sure
those words were much more than a jingle

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