COVID-19 pandemic claims Goodie Tim Brooke-Taylor

Terribly sad news, and one worthy of its own thread.

British Comedian Tim Brooke-Taylor has died at the age of 79, after having been struck down by coronavirus.

More from the BBC
&  The Guardian

“Goodie goodie yum yum” has been part of my mental bric-a-brac for four and a half decades.

Thanks for posting, marksierra.

As a kid in the 70s, The Goodies were our Monty Python, until we were old enough to watch Monty Python. I was 3 when Funky Gibbon came out and used to dance all around the house to it. Watched the show every Saturday before Doctor Who. One guy literally died laughing while watching an episode.

RIP Timbo.

I hope he reached Mornington Crescent before the end.

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