Deep Cut Orchid Soceity - BIG Orchid Auction on Sept 23rd

Deep Cut Orchid Society will offer 300+ orchids in the annual fund raiser auction.  The majority will be plants that you will never see in the stores:

  • Species
  • Hybrids targeting the interests of hobby growers
  • Divisions of plants no longer available commercially
  • Mix of membership grown, and the latest from production nurseries in HI, CA & FL.

Where:  Dearborn Market, 2170 Route 35, Holmdel, NJ 07733  (abt 35 min from Maplewood)

Time:    Preview 9:30-10 AM, Auction runs from 10 AM to about 4 PM

Here a few photos of some plants, which will be available in the auction:

Cymbidium Spark Sprite 'Sparky'

Guarianthe aurantiaca ('Orange Spots' x self)

Brassavola nodosa (night fragrant species)

And, if you have never been to the Dearborn Market, they have excellent meats and produce, and a deli department with spectacular sandwiches.

Love the Brassavola. I was having a bit of luck with orchids several years ago. I think you have reignited the passion.

@bigben_again , road trip?

As a plant (and cat) person, you shall be more than welcome.

I hope to get a complete list of plants in the auction about 4-6 days before the auction.  If so, I will make it available to anyone asking in a PM.  It should also be posted on the society web site:

Update:  There will be 350+ plants in this auction.  If you would like to see what plants, the auction listing can be found here:

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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