Free Plants

Free divisions of --

Purple (mostly) and white phlox -- extremely vigorous but not invasive. Puts on a big show midsummer-fall.

Catmint -- small leaves, mound-forming, early summer lavender flowers

Siberian iris -- small brilliant blue-purple early summer flowers

Lambs ears -- nice for edging; bees love the flowers. My divisions look sad but they will almost certainly thrive.

Digitalis lutea -- yellow foxglove; lower than the purple. Really useful in the garden; self-sows with abandon but easily controlled.

White Platycodon/Balloonflower -- this plant is tap-rooted so survival of divisions is not guaranteed. However, worth a try -- they're free!

They're in my front yard (on or near the front steps to the house) at 24 North Terrace near CHS -- stop by and grab whatever you can use. I'll have more in the next couple of weeks, when I re-do the other bed!

Happy gardening.

Picked some up yesterday -- thanks! Looking forward to some more color in the front yard next year.

Excellent, Tom + addiemoose! So glad -- hope they do great in your garden. There are still some left, so everyone please feel free to stop by.

interested can come by today... trried to pm ..


How nice of you to share instead of just dumping them!!!

Practically my whole garden was made from divisions given me by friends, so sharing plants is in my DNA. Everybody please just stop on by! They should still be fine to plant even though they've been out of the ground a couple of days. I would just cut back them back a bit so the roots don't have too much plant to maintain, and water frequently until established.

Plants are all taken but I'll post again when I have more.

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