Gentle exercise for calf muscles?

Apologies for being a nuisance: I somehow managed to tear my right calf muscle, and possibly a related ligament, while walking down the street 13 hours ago. (Ie my lunchtime) So it’s now very very early Saturday morning and while I can hire a pair of crutches in a few hours, I can’t get a referral to a physio until Monday. 
Does anyone know any gentle exercises I should/could do while my leg is elevated over the weekend? I’m not really weight bearing, the pain is very intense and I can’t really take anything for the pain.

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I would say ice it and avoid exercising it. Compression bandage if it is swollen. Keep it elevated and rest. I am not a medical practitioner of any type, just have injured myself enough times to have an idea what they tend to say. 

Hope you feel better soon.

Hope it gives you a break soon! I'll echo HatsOff:  i'm no kind of medical practitioner, but R-I-C-E:  rest, ice, compression, elevation.  Except for a tiny motion (of ankle or?) to keep it from stiffening too much, i'd avoid exercise until you can see someone, since it could be a tendon? ligament? instead of muscle, and iirc those require rest.

Def a muscle tear - had ultrasounds. There’s a second tear, which is in a structure behind the  main muscle and above the (main) larger tear, and is probably causing most of the pain because of the way it interacts with that muscle and the knee ‘architecture’. 
No inflammation or swelling -woohoo! Even better - no inflammation markers in the several blood tests taken throughout the arvo & evening! Emergency doc said my blood was ‘textbook good’.

I can’t elevate much, because then it’s worse than polite language lets me write when I have to stand/try to walk. But for now I’m sitting on my bed with a cushion under my knee, doing some figure-8s etc until we get the crutches. 
Very grateful for your help! {hugs}

If you can make a sturdy tower of pillows on which to rest the injured leg, and then place the leg on top of the tower it might enable you to keep the leg well elevated while providing enough support to minimize the pain.  This is something you can do while lying down which increases the rest factor as well.  Wishing you less pain and a full and speedy recovery.  I agree with others who caution against any form of exercise just now.  A muscle tear needs time to heal.

What about an ice pack wrapped in a towel? Compression sock? No exercise, it needs time to heal, or else you will need surgery to repair it. 
Gives you more down time to post on MOL. 

wink  no pain today! Yippee!! 
thank you all!!  My very kind neighbour (Roxy the dingo’s ‘dad’) has lent me crutches, which are so firm and comfy to use. Slept really well, and slept in. And basically can spend the day with my leg up: it’s about to rain, and all I have to do today is study cheese
Am so grateful for all your suggestions.  MOL is the best community!

Sorry to hear, Joanne — I’ve had ligament issues in both knees off and on  over the years.  During a flare-up, I get shots every four months by my orthopedist, which are amazingly effective. I can usually recall a stupid misstep - in my garden most often  - to what caused my knees to “yell out.”

Word of caution re using crutches — I can’t use them because of arthritic hand and shoulder issues — canes also are difficult to manage. If I did, I would probably trip my self, and take others down with me.

There are so many medical assistance devices other than crutches. I bought one recently, as a security blanket, and garden assistant come spring!

There is a garden under the 18” of snow.

cheese thanks - in this instance, the adjustable crutches are fine, and physical therapy is already booked. 
Strangely, there wasn’t a misstep to cause the tears, just a question of timing! (Ageing tissues or something; I’m lucky it didn’t happen while driving.) There might be some hydrotherapy (aqua therapy), esp since it’s still quite warm. 
And I’m getting a bit of study done - handing several assignments cheesecheese

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