Does anyone know what is going on with the hydrangeas this year? We have some larger legacy ones in our backyard, and I watch videos last year online on how to trim them and I followed those. This year the green leaf growth is very low - with many of the legacy stalks just brown & bare. I’m seeing that on lots of hydrangeas in the area, though, so I don’t think it’s just ours... thanks!!

Lots of new leaf growth this year but no flowers since plant flowers on 2nd year growth and none of that made it through the winter.

When we have a real cold spell over the winter (as we did this past winter), we tend to loose the 1-year old stems on the Hydrangeas.  

Yeah, agreed it was the super cold periods this winter -- roses got hit hard, too. 

I didn’t think this past winter was all that cold. We didn’t have that polar vortex thing like we’ve had in the past. I remember the year before we had a long really cold spell where there was a lot of frozen and burst pipes. 

We did have a some abnormally warm early spring days followed by some abnormally cold spring days. I think I have lost a few plant this year due to this temperature bouncing we get between seasons. 

I have a Bing Cherry that formed buds early March which all died.  It’s now struggling to put out leaves but 3/4 of the branches look dead. 

Same thing with my Crepe Myrtle 3/4 dead. 

Schisandra vine completely died, I checked it in March and the vine was pliable and green, now it’s dry and brown. 

I just started clean up pruning on our hydrangeas due to the same issues.  Essentially only new growth coming from the ground so no or very few blossoms this summer.  Tough winter.  Still a little early to feel that butterfly bush and crape myrtle are dead.  Should just be showing new growth about  now.   

Same with rose of sharon

Whatever magic occurred I'm getting early flowers on my honeysuckle vine.

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