Just Showin' Off!

It is Tree Peony time and we have some glories.  Here's today's favorite!

I'm officially green with envy: cannot grow these no matter what I do, no matter where I live!

How gorgeous are your beauties  snake 

We are now fully at peak with the Azaleas.

Here are a couple of pics from April 30.


has PeggyC seen these??? They look like sugar flowers, perfectly formed grin


I've had some trouble sharing this as I'm not accustomed to the move from Picassa to Google Pics.

Hope you can see this.  PM me if you'd like to come by we've got a few more days on the Azaleas and the Iris and Peonies are just booming!  Hydrangeas just starting to set flowers!

Peony question Ron, I've noticed in the past few years that my peonies are plagued with powdery mildew.

I checked online about a year ago, and found people complaining about it happening more than in previous years. Peonies easily flourish in my yard but this seems to be a trend. They look great this week so far. I had the traditional ones and last year added a hybrid, Itoh peony. Any tips?

Morgana,  In my experience they just seem to go together!

This site has advice but I'm also not a big fan of sprays and such.  Sadly, have just lived with it. This remedy using baking soda sounds interesting...





  • Rubbing the infected leaves together can help partially remove the disease from your plants.
  • Remove all the infected plant parts and destroy them. Remember, do not compost any infected plant, as the disease can still be spread by the wind.
  • Spray infected plants with fungicides. Effective fungicides for powdery mildew treatments or cures include sulfur, lime-sulfur, neem oil, and potassium bicarbonate.


  • Choose plants that are resistant or tolerant to powdery mildew.
  • Powdery mildew thrives in hot and humid weather, so avoid overhead watering to reduce humidity. Also selectively prune overcrowded areas to increase air circulation; this also helps reduce humidity for your plants.
  • Spray your plants with fungicides according to their directions. If you don’t want to use fungicides, try spraying your plants with a solution of 1 teaspoon baking soda in 1 quart of water. Remember to spray your plants thoroughly.

Just want to share this from late yesterday. Our Peonies are spectacular!

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