Kids Like Yours and Mine

Please check out my Crowdrise Funding page  Kids Like Yours and Mine  and consider donating to help out.  And if you are not able to donate, please check out this organization I am helping to establish: One World One Love NJ .  

I have often considered how fortunate my family and I have been to live in this time and this place.  I know it is only a matter of luck that we ended up in a place where we could all thrive.  Many families around the world do not have the most basic sense of safety, belonging and shelter. There but for grace go you and I.   

I've started this fundraiser to assist refugee children who are recently arrived in the US and in NJ in particular.  We can make a difference in the world and in our own backyard at the same time.   Let's do this!

Cathy Bataille, LCSW  

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