Lawn Schedule

For the first time, I am taking on the care of my own lawn. I have no idea what I'm doing. Other than mowing, can you please share your schedule of care? How often do I fertilize/add lime? Some of the homes around me have extraordinary carpet like lawns. I don't need perfection, just decent grooming in a shade of green. 

What's your schedule?

the guys at the Maplewood nursery have what they call “the program”. It actually worked for me. Stop by and they will give you the handout. It has a lot of steps so just easier to go ask for the handout. 

Following.  Don't forget to thatch and aerate.  I've been religiously thatching, aerating, and reseeding but a pro told me where I have failed is adding lime.  So now researching that.

On or about 4/15 I put down my first bag of crab grass preventative. Approximately 1 month later, I put a second application of crabgrass preventative plus my first bag of spring feeding. I water it in with a hose end sprayer with a concoction I’ve been using from Jerry Bakers Impatient Gardener book:

Recipe for Grandma Putt's Tonic: 

1 cup Epsom salt 
1 cup Listerine 
1 cup liquid soap 
1 cup ammonia 
Fill the balance of the quart jar with beer but taste test the beer first  
Add this mixture to a hose end sprayer (one that has a 15 to 20 gal capacity or adjusts to 20 gallons) 
Will spray up to 2500 sq ft of lawn 
Spray in May and again in late June (you can spray everything, shrubs, trees, etc)

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