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Hi, folks,

I'm working as a Contact Tracer for the Essex County Health Department and I wanted to start this discussion so people can chime in with current information about where you can get tested. The test type, results waiting times, appt needed or not, etc.

I have not been tested yet, but SMG has recommended City MD urgent care as their preferred testing site.


locations in East Hanover, Newark, Union...

I think it's walk-in only, but I have no other info.

I've done 2 tests through Project Baseline. Easy to schedule on-line. Closest location is Rite Aid Newark near the hospital. Self administered nasal swab done at the drive thru window. Results back in 4/5 days.

People on MOL mentioned they were not comfortable with Project Baseline as it has some ties to Google. A gmail address is required to sign up.

https://newarkcovid19.com/programs/testing is a source of information. However, this is listed as for Newark residents only. I suppose there are several here on MOL so I'm including it.

www.essexcovid.org is another source of information. It lists 3 sites for Essex county as shown in this screenshot.

Does an 'at home' test count as local?

My kid did the Vault 'at-home' saliva test as it was required for camp entry. (It has been referred to as the "Rutgers" test). It's expensive ($150/per person) and insurance reimbursement may vary.


The process includes:

  • You order a test (takes about 2-3 days to arrive by mail)
  • You can take it anytime (I think the date for use of the test was within a year of receipt)
  • Log into Vault's Zoom waiting room when you are ready to open the test and take it (we waited less than 5 minutes).
  • Live person meets you via zoom, checks that the number on your test matches your name in their records.
  • You spit in the vial until it reaches the line (It took my kid ~10-15 minutes. Said it 'was kinda annoying').
  • Mail back the vial in their express envelope via UPS.
  • Timing: Kiddo took the test on a Monday morning, I brought to UPS store by 11am. We received results via email 2 days later (Weds morning).

I saw somewhere that this saliva test tends to be between 90%-98% accurate.

CityMD is walk in only. Results took about a week. Billed to your insurance. They merged with Summit Medical Group a while back.

The RiteAid for Project Baseline is across from University Hospital (as opposed to the two other hospitals in Newark). Project Baseline is free. 

CVS in Maplewood on Valley does it but you need a reason for testing, such as you were exposed to someone or are a caretaker for a high risk person.

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