Looking for a Special Landscape Designer

We have a disused plot of land behind our garage where the swingset used to be, but which is now nothing but a maintenance headache. It's surrounded by woods on three sides, so is very shady and constantly in danger of being engulfed by Mother Nature. I'm a pretty passionate gardener (in the sunnier, more accessible parts of our lot), but have never been able to come up with a plan for this area. Would like a truly imaginative landscape designer with vision to dream up some ideas about how to make use of it, or at least to simplify maintaining it.  Appreciate your recommendations.

Happy to come give you some thoughts.  PM me if you wish to discuss. You are welcome to come see the garden I tend:  

Before you settle for a landscape designer spend time reviewing landscape contractor's portfolios. Check for references. I know about a landscape material suppliers(https://peellandscapedepot.com...) who supply landscape products but not sure if they would do the landscape designing. Communicate within your community to check on the quality of service provided and how good the plants are. Collect the appropriate bid and make sure if they are flexible and reliable. Never hesitate to check if they provide exceptional customer service.

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