Maplewood Parking Restriction Lifted for Wee Hours of January 21, 2017

Facebook post by Mayor DeLuca that appeared on my newsfeed just now:

As per the request of the Maplewood Township Committee, the Maplewood Police Department will waive enforcement of the overnight on-street no parking rules early Saturday morning. This will allow bus riders to D.C. to legally park on the street prior boarding the buses. All other parking rules must be observed (no parking at fire hydrants or blocking driveways; no parking with 50 feet of a stop sign; etc.)
In the event your bus is delayed in returning to Maplewood and you expect to arrive in town after 2am on Sunday, please call the Police Department at 973-762-1234 and let them know your cars are on the street.
Hope I see a lot of you in D.C.

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