MGC Plant Sale TODAY at 12 noon! (Thurs., May 11th)

Opens at the Maplewood Pool this Thursday, May 11th at 12 noon.  Just a reminder.  Bring a wagon, if you have one, to carry your purchases.  Please support the Maplewood Garden Club.  Hope to see you there!  


I already have my shopping list!

Are there lots of trees and shrubs, or is it primarily flowers and herbs? Where do the trees/shrubs come from?

There's a selection of small trees and shrubs from several different nurseries.  Not sure from where as I am not involved in the purchasing.  There are perennials and annuals for sun, part sun, shade, houseplants, hanging plants, tender perennials, unusual plants not found in big box stores.  Also have plant pots and Mother's Day potted up gift baskets.  The selection of veggies/herbs is staggering this year.  Come early for best selection!

I found some difficult to find plants. It is worth going.

Is it still happening this AM (Sat)?

Yes, 8am to 4pm today.

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