More fun with thread titles...

Sharpton Calls the Tiger out....
A New Low - Megan Mullally

(And still no one is touching the Naked man and the other thread that is just hollering 'Pick me! Pick me!')

SAHM Blog, fun with breast pumps
Why bottled water will never go away

OK, I still don't know how to show the thread titles - but if you search by "Latest Discussions," there are like 7 discussions IN A ROW that are asking for advice on new windows - because, I think, the same poster recently responded to each of them. But what is funny is that right above that is a thread about Windows (the computer type), at least I think it is.

Guy going door-to-door for "Save the Children" fund at 5:45 tonight on Parker. Strange?

AJC! Calling all New MOL Babies for F2F!!!

Answers that question ...

Another excellent answer to this question ...

You have to read them to get it.

Accident this morning at Jefferson and Maplewood

Runners, please tell me your favorite routes - these hills are killing me!

For a fleeting moment, I thought that the first poster simply misspelled "Obama" ...

The answer would be "Zero" -

A new religious wrinkle

Help for "Old Lady" Hands?

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