More fun with thread titles...

Serendipitous - is that a word?. Anyway, it works in this thread's context.

Bad Accident - Parker Avenue Mostly Maplewood
Finding a Used Car Please Help

"Soapbox: All Politics" in a nutshell -

^ Note which one was read and which wasn't ^

absolutely! :thumbup:

Not like the "swap meets" they had when I was a kid. :shocked:

beer mavens, will you help me, please? Virtual Cafe calliope 12 earlster 6 minutes ago 4
What will it be like at an Al-Anon Mtg?

how do i make it look nifty?

It's all in the screen captures.

Here ya go ...

I just want to add that trading posts with some guy in Australia, is pretty cool, dontcha' think?

What's on the Menu Tonight?

We have BATS!!!

so, how do you actually do the cool text boxes? I wanted to post the adjacent threads about Disgust with SO water & Maplewood pool opens!

I think Sewer Bill is funny - sounds like some dude... like Fire Marshall Bill...

and this is an evolutionary contrast...

and befmic, it depends on your computer - pc or mac?

Monster. I saw that also. We can also add the next 2 threads:

PLEASE HELP: something yellow, round and bright in sky
Do not be alarmed
Finally Moving!
Need a new pharmacy

(Edited to add: well, it helps to attach the image before posting!)

I won't have what she's having ...

There are times when these just leap out ...

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