Does anyone have a Mosquito Magnet or a similar propane-fueled mosquito trap? How well does it work, and would you recommend it? If so, exactly which one do you have? TIA!

I have the mega catch with propane tank.  Overall, I've been a bit disappointed.  At first I thought it was pretty good, but last year it felt like it hardly did anything.  I think the tank ran out a few times and I didn't realize it.

We tend to hide in a screen under our umbrella.  We would like to figure out a larger screened in solution that can fit more people. 

We have one of those umbrella screens. (I'll probably be posting it under the free-to-a-good-home thread if it doesn't get taken for a couple of bucks at the next garage sale).

We have a 10x10 canopy, and ended up getting a screen for it. It's a little bigger space than under the umbrella screen.

Something like this:

(If you get a canopy screen, you need to check if you have the straight leg canopy, or the slant leg).

We've had lots of threads about mosquito control over the years. My favorite solutions are:

1) Mosquitos breed in standing water. Find the water. Walk around your lot and tip over every pot, tire, garbage can lid, frisbee that has standing water. CHECK YOUR GUTTERS. If you have some leaves that prevent all of the rainwater from draining there is standing water right over your head when you're out side complaining about mosquitos. You can buy the mosquito rings and break them into quarters and toss them up into your gutters and it prevents the eggs from maturing to adult mosquitos. Fountains are okay as long as the are working and the water is not "standing."

2) Fans. I like this because when it's hot, I appreciate a little breeze and the mosquitos can't fly in it. Our transition from inside our house to the patio has a ceiling fan and I leave it spinning at the maximum so mosquitos don't fly into the house when the door is open to the patio. I'll add a larger fan pointing out to really send the message, and we've set up fans outside for parties and people appreciated the breeze without realizing the fans are there for their mosquito repelling effect.

3) Smoke, Fire, Candles, incense. I've purchased "punk" incense and lit four and placed them at the four corners of our yard with some success. The scent is hardly noticeable. I hate the citronella smell, but those candles seem to work if you can tolerate them. You'll rarely complain about mosquitos when you're sitting by the fire pit, but that's because you're complaining about the smoke.

4) New this year! I'm going to plant some plants that are supposed to repel mosquitos.(Not citronella!) I was thrilled to find out that Lavender repels insects. I always planted mums with the vegetables for this effect, and also supposedly peppermint works. Now peppermint is very invasive, so I'll be planting all three in pots around the patio and we'll see how that works out.

5) Apply bug spray. We use the Skin So Soft based products that are now marketed for insect repellant. We got started up in Maine (mosquitos are the state bird) when it was considered a "life hack" back before anyone called it a "life hack." I smells like a skin softener because it is, but it also repels mosquitos.

Doing these things, I've never felt the need to put up a net to sit under, and we entertain quite a bit on our patio. Also, we don't have a screen door for the exit to our patio. It's just open with fans blowing out and it's as good as screen doors since I think most mosquitos enter the house on someone's body, not by flight.

I hope that helps!

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