Moss on Asphalt

I have a patch of moss growing on my asphalt driveway. Never saw this before and wonder how I can eliminate it.

I use white vinegar on my driveway (asphalt) for moss, and on my brick patio and stone front walk for weeds. It works great. It takes 24-48 hours to turn yellow, dry up, and all it takes is a quick sweeping and the debris is gone. (I've also not swept and it continues to wither away and blow away within a few days or so...depends how fastidious you want to be) Using white vinegar is effective, cheap and non-toxic. Highly recommend it!

annettedepalma -Thank you so much. Sounds like an easy solution. I have some white vinegar so will do this job tomorrow.

To remove the horrible growing weeds you can use white vinegar, liming or spray with a baking soda solution would be a much safer way to get rid of that moss. If you want, you may also hire a pavement maintenance professional contractors like For Construction Pros, Long Island paving companies, Pavement Contractors, etc., who provides best pavement maintenance and landscaping services.

Powerwasher? They're not expensive and they do a great job in cleaning a variety of things. They're also good for a few "oops I didn't mean to strip the paint off of that" moments, but that's what keeps life exciting.

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