Olivia: 1:59.80 !!!

There was also a big time lifetime best for Chrisann Gordon-Powell of Jamaica in the women’s 800m after she recorded an impressive time of 1:59.52 to win that event in Nashville, beating American Olivia Baker who clocked a PB as well of 1:59.80 for second place.

Wow, breaking 2 minutes is incredible! Way to go, Olivia! 

1:58.46 just now, live, in Oregon at USATF Outdoor semis. Rapid progression. She’s on to the finals.

Ms. Mu was in her semi. Definitely a plus.

I see that Hazel Clark, the 2nd fastest girl in her family (in this event), ran a 1:57.99 in 2005. 

If I understand commentator on the replay, 1:57.00 is world best in this event this year.

Her fastest yet - tonight. 
Sub 2 minute times are now a regular thing. 
World ranking in discipline was 19 a week ago, dropping to 22 this week in the setting of inactivity, but that will change after tonight. 
At this pace, all-time Villager record may soon fall.


I was on the track team at Dunellen HS many years ago.  The track was still a cinder track and the high jump and pole vault just has wood chips to land in.   But in my imagination, I think that somehow Sydney ran on the same track as I did and in some mini micro minuscule way I am part of her world's record victories.   It is nice to dream.   Congrats to the NJ track champions.     PS:    The Dunellen track is still orientated the same way and when you go around the east to west corner, you get hit by a very high headwind that you have to fight.  So, perhaps this is why she is so good.  

I was on the track team, Millburn H.S., 1960. Our team was a powerhouse, winning our division state meets, for about 10 years in a row. That was thanks to the coach, Paul Beck.

Anyway, to the point. At that time, the goal was the 4 minute mile. Finally broken by Roger Bannister of Australia. 


If you’re talking about the former editor of Brain’s Clinical Neurology, he was a Brit, and he broke it in the early-mid 50’s. I think Chatway, the guy who also ran that race, died relatively recently too.

 And talking about brains:   I watched a YouTube video of yesterday’s race earlier today. I can’t figure out how to post it here. Listening to the EU commentator at  about the 500m point in the race (at this point, she was at the front),  I think I made out the words: “‘ …smart lass … neurosurgeon …”. I had to listen to him several times and I’m still not certain. You can find it if you Google  YouTube 800m Women Diamond League Monaco 2022. 

If you find it and listen to it, please report if that’s what you think he said.

Listened again. Better audio now

“ … she knows her racing, she’s a smart lass wants to be a neurosurgeon …”

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