Protecting ourselves from COVID is still taking some efforts but please keep at it.

This is from a friend's FB page and I couldn't find the actual text very quickly so I'm just posting this image. I can understand his anger.

The contagious delta variant is driving up Covid-19 hospitalizations in the Mountain West and fueling disruptive outbreaks in the North, a worrisome sign of what could be ahead this winter in the U.S.

While trends are improving in Florida, Texas and other Southern states that bore the worst of the summer surge, it’s clear that delta isn’t done with the United States. Covid-19 is moving north and west for the winter as people head indoors, close their windows and breathe stagnant air.

“We’re going to see a lot of outbreaks in unvaccinated people that will result in serious illness, and it will be tragic,” said Dr. Donald Milton of the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

another reason to get vaccinated including boosters...a report says that there has been a major increase in heart inflammation in pets.  I don't have an article handy but at 1 vet it went from about 1% of heart issues to 15%.  And it coincided with the owners having covid...if nothing else, get vaccinated to try to protect your pets.  They are still saying they don't believe pets are passing it to people. but aren't sure.  I suspect if your pet isn't around others much, they wouldn't pick it up elsewhere to give to you.

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