recovering gray folders on a mac

I downloaded an attachment (a photo) and want to share it on Facebook.  I can see it in finder, I've tried renaming it, moving it, putting it on my desk top.  I can see it in several locations but it's not highlighted (gray) and can't click on it.  Help!

What is the name of the file?

Including the extension

WxNut2.0 said:

Including the extension

 Why does the name matter?  Could changing the name help?

It may be your Mac doesn't have the right software to open the file. WxNut is trying to help.

More curious about the extension — perhaps it’s a weird file type. 

Have you run Malwarebytes yet?

If your computer couldn't open the file with existing software, wouldn't it suggest other methods of opening the file?  Could the downloaded file have been protected in some manner, preventing non-authorized use?  

Turns out it is the fault of the sender not my computer!  Thanks for the help.

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