Rose rosette disease alert: Wyoming Ave. Maplewood

Corner of Sagamore (at the triangle). Meidiland-type Shrub roses (red) lining the sidewalk and wall -   the butterscotch stucco (Italianate?) house with the notable light display at Chanukkah.. 

While passing near dusk today, 1 (and probably 2) bushes with aby-normal exuberant growth were spotted. Unless it's herbicide effect (it's probably not), it's RRD.

I don't know the people. Hopefully someone reading this does, and can alert them, so they will take quick extirpative action. If it''s not from herbicide, it will serve as source of (incurable) infection for the  entire neighborhood.

I wonder what The Secret Garden did with those RRD roses Ron reported on some time back.

We removed two infected rose bushes last summer.  Location - Jefferson and Ridgewood.  

We've had an infection this year a little north of you, Sweetsnuggles, on Ridgewood.

This is my nightmare!  I had some weird looking foliage this season but decided it was blight of some kind. (No witch's broom.) So sorry to hear this scourge has arrived in north Jersey.

I know the owner. I made him aware of this thread

DaveSchmidt said:

We've had an infection this year a little north of you, Sweetsnuggles, on Ridgewood.

Sorry to hear you've also lost bushes.  We have roses left in our yard. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. 

judy3x said:

I know the owner. I made him aware of this thread

Thank you!

You're welcome dick.

Our arborist, and I am so lucky to have access to one, says that this is an epidemic all along the east coast. The removal of a few roses bushes will do little to slow the impact.  

Perhaps if my property where directly adjacent to this example I might ask them to remove them.  

We have no "rose" neighbors here at The Secret Garden, yet we got infected, so we are watching the evolution and they are looking quite good this summer.  Less bloom, still witches bloom but are hanging in there.

Should anyone want to come look, this is year 3 for us.

Best Regards,

Ron Carter

I had a beautiful red rose bush which got infected last year and I had to take out.  It broke my heart, it was beautiful.  Both my lavender and pale yellow rose bushes show no signs, but I'm keeping an eye on them since they were only about 10' away from the infected one.  Those I'm keeping the other two roses for as long as they look healthy, I won't be adding any new ones, and if they get sick they will also be replaced with non-rose plantings. 

An office building in West Orange I do some work at has infected bushes.  I told the person in charge of coordinating services for the building, and she informed the landscaping crew.  The landscapers response was to trim the bushes.  angry 

I also have a relative in South Orange who has a rose that looks like it might be infected.  I told her there was no cure, that it was going to die, and it needed to be removed.  It's still there.

Hi, the first pic shows it more clearly.  Especially the hair like thorns along the stem.  The dark red is also one of the signs.

It's everywhere, Everwhere!

-Ron Carter

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