Seeking reasonably priced hedge (tall) trimming service

Have a row of Leyland Cypress (maybe 8 -10) in need of trimming. Looking to take about 4 ft off the top. Any suggestions would be appreciated for individuals/services to do this small (yet elevated) job at a reasonable price. Thanks. 

I used Carmine's, however, it was not cheap($600) as I had let my hedge go for 2 years and it runs the length of my backyard .   So, if the hedge is not that long, then I would estimate, a couple hundred?



Thanks for the reference, but did not see it till just now. Ended up with Rise Tree Service out of South Orange. They did a nice job. Trimmed using a cherry picker they brought into the backyard. For the trimming and also a clean up of some suckers off a maple tree out in front it was $450.  

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