Selling Landscape Rocks

I have about 200-250 landscape rocks that I'd like to sell to a landscaper or someone looking to do landscape work. Does anyone know how I can tell what they are worth or who would be interested in buying them?

Thank you.

While not an answer to your question, the major cost of the rocks to a homeowner is in the loading, transportation and unloading. Rock, not so much.

Go over to Maplewood Nursery and Stone and see how much they are asking for same. Maybe they will even buy yours.

As stated above, your rocks are only worth the labor to have them removed. You should be paying someone to take them rather than expecting someone to go around and collect them from your yard. Maybe someone will help you out and take them for free to get them out of your yard.

Why don't you describe them or attach a photo?

Are they big thick rectangular bluestone slabs or irregular shaped and in a variety of colors?

here are some pics of the rocks I was talking about. Seems like two different kinds.

Not sure how much traction your gonna get on this. A quick search on MOL will pull a handful of threads of ppl giving away landscaping rocks, patios stone, etc...

@fabulouswalls pretty much explained why

They are not a "matched set" and they are still partially buried...

You are going to have a hard time even GIVING them away even it they were sorted and put onto palettes.

if you do sell them let me know who you sold them to so I can sell them some.

Those are not "landscape rocks." Those are just rocks.

We could take a few off your hands

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