shrubs to cover a 5-foot wall

I'm looking for a shrub that is tall and thin to cover a wall. I want to make sure it doesn't take up a lot of ground space. I'm also looking for something that grows quickly because I'd like it to be covered asap. Any suggestions?

Are you looking for a shrub that stops at 5 feet, or is taller acceptable?  Also, is the area full sun, part sun, or full shade?

It can go taller than 5 feet. It's probably full sun.

we like our sky pencil holly.

Can you make it over to the garden club plant sale at the pool parking lot today, tomorrow or Saturday? Garden club members there should be able to advise as to what would work well.  They might even have something on hand that you could plant this weekend.

Laurel bush / hedge?

Skips may be a little "full" for the request but they take to severe pruning so well, you can probably keep them undercontrol.  they aren't tall and skinny, they are more wide and full.

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Ron Carter

Yes, skip laurels will be too full/take up too much ground space for this area.

I have a similar issue, I have an ugly view of neighbor's fences and the back of two garden sheds.  I also have a very small yard and didn't want to lose too much space.  I went with emerald green arborvitae because they don't get too wide at the base. However, arborvitae seems to be a plant that some people just loath.  I didn't care since it fits my needs perfectly.  They need at least partial sun, prefer full sun, are not drought tolerant, and are apparently an all you can eat buffet for deer.

If you do go with arborvitae, Millstone does NOT have emerald greens in stock (or at least they didn't when I called), but William's Nursery in Westfield does.  DON'T make the mistake of buying green giant arborvitae.  If you don't want arborvitae (again, some people just prickle at the name, and that is fine since it is your yard and you will have to look at it every day) then ask at William's Nursery.  They have a wide selection of plants and knowledgeable staff.

Another option would be English Ivy.  Not a hedge, but trained properly it will cling to the wall and give pretty good coverage. It won't go past the height of the wall though, and you will need to keep it in check or else it will spread beyond where you want it to go.

emerald green arborvitae-- instant wall of green --5 foot at planting and trimmed at the top  to keep them from growing too tall. 

I have arborvitae already. Maybe a viburnum? brandywine viburnum?

Here's a link to an article on this subject. It has pictures of the various shrubs suggested, and a discussion of espaliering, if you wanted to try that. Too much info for me to try to summarize, or to cut and paste here.

if you want color, consider Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus).  It grows fast; but will need an annual trim to keep it tight against the wall.

Another solution would be a trellis and planting assorted vines.

If you want to go the Rose of Sharon route, I can give you a dozen seedlings from The Secret Garden.  They will do the job quickly enough as tomcat points out.  One other plus is that they bloom in late July into September when most other stuff doesn't!  

Let me know.  I'll help you find and pull up some that won't take as long to grow!

Best Regards,

Ron Carter

Rose of Sharon are invasive.

Only if you do not maintain them.  And, there are sterile clones.

quercus said:

Rose of Sharon are invasive.

Well if rcarter is offering dozens of seedlings they are probably the invasive ones.

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