Sod or seed now? Or wait until Fall

I'd like to put either sod or seed down in my backyard.  I'm not sure which to do.  Also, is now the wrong time to start such a project?  I originally starting tilling my yard for a large garden, but for a number of reasons, ended up tilling the whole thing.  It's not big, about 35 feet by 25 feet.  Any advice welcome.  Many thanks in advance.

Seed definitely wait. You can sod but you will need to be diligent about watering for a while. 

Excellent.  Many thanks.  I was thinking about maybe just making the whole backyard a tomato farm until Fall.   grin 

go with the tomato farm.

You have to seed in cooler weather because of the water requirements. 90% of grass sowed now dies. Like zoinks says - sod is doable but you have to be super-super diligent about watering for probably a couple of months.

reminds me of a house I came across in Livingston that managed to avoid having a front lawn. I was impressed, though they could stand to do some weeding.

25 x 35 feet is a nice size for a summer veggie garden. If (but only if) you then decide to convert to grass:  4 1/2 weeks before summer ends, up to a bit  less than 1 1/2 weeks after summer ends, is THE recommended (by these guys, whose judgement is trustworthy ) time to sow. Unless it's only perennial rye - in which case you have an extra 2 weeks. 

Mr. H Pierson recommended the same time frame, I recollect.

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