Soda Stream carbonation cylinder exchange

For years we've been exchanging our original style carbonation cylinders at Bed Bath & Beyond. Now that the store is closing - does anyone have any local recommendations?

We've been making the exchanges at Staples.  

ShopRite and Kings also exchange them. 

I bought a big cylinder and a refill kit a few years ago.  I refill my own in the basement.  Every 30-40 refills I have to take the big tank to a fire supply place for a $30 refill.  The whole set up coat $200.  I'm way ahead of the game.

It looks like Kitchen a la Mode (in South Orange) does the Soda Stream cylinder exchange (scroll down their home page):

Kitchen a la Mode has the DrinkMate cylinders, which fit the SodaStream, but be aware that although DrinkMate accepts empty Sodastream cylinders in exchange, I don't believe SodaStream will accept empty DrinkMate cylinders. 

I am curious about Dan's system. How difficult a setup is it?

You need a basic wrench to install the hose onto the big bottle.  That stays on until you take the big bottle for a refill.  After that you screw the soda stream cylinder on to a fitting and slowly open a valve.  Once the gauge reads full you close the valve and unscrew the cylinder.  I suggest wearing gloves because the cylinders get very cold.  I also leave my empty cylinder in a freezer for a day to cook it down before refilling.  I have three cylinders; one in the machine, one standing by, and one waiting for refill.  

i have a kitchen scale I use to measure the fill level.  I never get them quite as full as a factory refill, but it doesn't matter.  Empty they are roughly 660 grams.  Full from factory about 1250 grams.  I end up around 1100 grams per fill.

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