Subsidized Low Income Housing in SOMA

I tips on subsidized housing in SOMA. I am 55+, but would prefer to keep my teen daughter with me in SOMSD for another 18 mos. Google searches are confusing and often lead to places more expensive than my current situation. TIA

housing wait lists are usually long, if they are even open.  look up CGPH as well as Piazza and associates 'nj affordable housing"  i believe between the 2 of them, they cover the entire state, i don't know which covers the soma area.  realize they have hundreds, maybe thousands of people applying for each housing unit.

the only 'senior housing' I know of in this area doesn't take kids.  the senior communities in the shore are sometimes allow a limited number of younger people, but they are not subsidized.

I know 2 people in Union County that got into the senior subsidized housing.  They both were on the wait list for 5 years.  You might want to put your name on those lists now anyway.

section 8 wait list had opened about 3 years ago, and filled quickly.  many priority people (ie disabled) did not even get on the wait list.

if you have no other options, will your teen be able to get a job if they aren't working already?  I delivered papers at 12, and babysat after school/summers starting the day after my 14th birthday.

If by chance you are disabled and your teen provides you essential care, your teen may be allowed to live in senior housing with you as your live in aide.  The law is the Fair Housing Act and requires landlords to allow live in aides as a reasonable disability accommodation.  You may have to argue how you only need a live in part time while the teen is in school.

Thanks a bunch!!! Everything you said about the waiting lists and such is what I learned a couple years ago whilst looking into this, Section 8, etc. I was hoping for an easier path now that I'm 55. It would be great to find something subsidized in district where my teen daughter can live with me, but that may be asking too much. At any rate ... waiting lists and continued searching!

I don't know about Essex County, but in Union County, it seems you can always get on the wait list for Senior Housing once you are old enough. (Some places also take younger people on SSDI/SSI).  At least you do get on the list.  That is better than Section 8 and  the mega lotteries for the affordable housing.

Even a lot of the so called affordable housing isn't affordable to many.  When I looked into, it there were very few units for very low income.  They didn't include heat/hot water.  Parking was $100.  They had central AC that I assume would me more expensive than simply cooling 1 small room with a window unit,  I think I calculated the cost for a 1 bedroom at close to $800 at that time.

What I could find now, the lowest 1 bedroom was about $1000 including heat and hot water and about $1200 for a 2 bedroom.

go ahead and get  on the senior wait list.  you aren't committing to taking a unit right away and you can always withdraw if you get something better in a non age restricted building.

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