The Museum of Street Art

The is just a block down from the New Museum - which is one of my favorites.

On the website - it looks like you have to book ahead - we had no problem just walking in.  The exhibit is free.  We were a bit confused at first.  We started at the rooftop bar to look at the view.  Then they said we can take the stairs down to see the exhibit.  It wasn't immediately know that the stairwell - was the exhibit space.  

Thanks. We visited the Wynwood Walls a couple of weeks ago:

Those are awesome - it's a must see whenever we're in the Miami area.

If you visit the Wynwood Walls, go to the Perez Art Museum which is only a few minutes away. It opened in 2013 and the architecture and its setting on Biscayne Bay are spectacular. The Verde restaurant which is part of museum has become extremely popular because of its outside seating with a view of Biscayne Bay.

George Segal's "Abraham's Farewell to Ishmael" was on display on my wife spent at least 20 minutes taking pictures from different angles. Scroll down in this link to see it from different angles:

cramer said:

Thanks. We visited the Wynwood Walls a couple of weeks ago:

 Another vote for the Wynwood Walls - wish I'd had more time there. 

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