This or That ? Game


Morse code or teletype?

morse code

Tuscan hills or Sicilian mountains?

Tuscan hills.

Hotel or rental house?


Wind-surfing or land-yachting?


Ocean or Pool?

Pool. (Jellyfish ... Ick)

Bikini or one piece?


Polka-dot or single colour?

(Why does Brian Hyland's 'Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini' come to mind?)

Single colour (I know; soooo boring)

Eating out or Drinks on the porch?

Hm. We have no porch, but if we did, I would prefer eating out.

Deck or patio?


Hammock or Lounge chair

Lounge chair. Preferably with a 5-star hotel attached.

Reggae or hip hop?


Ringo Starr or Ginger Baker?

Ginger Baker

Ginger Rogers or Eleanor Powell?

here's a clip of each:

If you watch both videos, you'll find they are the same - the one labelled Fred and Ginger is a copy of the Fred and Eleanor version - perhaps a couple of (copy) generations later, which accounts for its generally-blurred appearance.

You'll also notice the stage settings and camera angles are identical - even to reflections seen in an on-stage mirror.

Here's a still from both videos, captured at the same point in the routine ...

Eleanor Powell

Carmen or West Side Story?

You are absolutely right! I should have looked more closely. Did Ginger dance Begin the Beguine, I wonder?

West Side Story.

Uptown or Downtown?


Centre of the continent or coastal finge?

Coastal fringe (until the center of the continent becomes coastal fringe).

Solar or wind turbine?


fuel cell or hybrid?

Fuel cell hopefully someday. Or even a Mr. Fusion.

Compact fluorescent or LED?

(Dislike both of them, for different reasons)


Spectacles or contact lenses?


Bifocal or progressive lenses?


Perfectionist or close enough is good enough?

Perfectionist (always somewhat embarrassing to admit...)

Homeland or House of Cards?

House of Cards

10 minutes a day of natural sunlight or Vitamin D supplements?

Natural sunlight.

Tinkerbell or Wendy?


Ariel (the little mermaid) or Belle (beauty and the beast) ?

Oh no!

Can I choose Merida?


This one's rough.

Ariel (please don't hate me Belle)

Anna or Elsa?


Merida or Rapunzel ??

Let's keep the rebellious redhead streak alive.


Cappuccino or espresso?

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