Tiny Ants around my desk

I've tried this liquid ant bait - but there always seems to be 1 or 2 stragglers every day.  Any other ideas?

It's that time of year... Try to find out where they are getting in a clean the baseboard with a minty, eucalyptus-y or lemony (or other strongly scented) cleanser. Probably an exterior wall in your office, if you are not seeing them in other parts of the house. 

Didn’t you have ant invasions last year?

I’m wondering if you’ve got ant nests in your walls or under your floors, making it easier for them to come in after rain etc. Might be worth checking cracks/joins at floors etc just in case. Good luck!

We have them almost every year and Jerry Buckingham comes and puts down baits and sometimes sprays outside and then they are gone ... until next year.

I've found that the liquid version of Terro--you put a couple drops on a small piece of cardboard instead of using the plastic doohicky you posted--works better. I don't know if it's stronger or maybe the ants just find it more easily. 

The Terro baits seem to be effective. While I await my Amazon order to come in, I've wiped down the area where I spotted a group of them with white vinegar and I am now only seeing some "stragglers." Maybe coincidental but worth a try.

Agree with Mary Lago that "it's that time of year".  They're mostly in my kitchen, & the basket of onions & other veggies may be the culprit.  But thanks for all the remedy ideas to try!

I tried another brand - thought maybe the ants built up a resistance to mine.  Seems ok so far, Maxattrax Ant Bait.

I mix up Borax, sugar, and warm water in a small bottle (that I mark *Poison* in black marker) and keep under the sink).  Seems to be a well-known home-made ant poison: https://ants.com/using-borax-powder-to-kill-ants/  (Keep away from kids/pets).

When the ants come, I shake the bottle until the sugar dissolves, and pour the liquid into some bottle caps we have around. The bottle caps go anywhere we see the ants coming in, and we also usually put caps in the kitchen under the fridge and oven, and behind the kitchen sink faucet. 

The liquid evaporates in a couple days, so I give the poison borax bottle another good shake and refresh the bottle caps, usually adding more liquid to each cap every few days for a week or two, then eventually throwing the caps in the trash -- and replacing them if there are still some ants around.

We have tried different products over the years, but the Terro baits really worked for us.

A year or two ago we had the usual springtime ant visitors. I put some Terro baits down & after a few hours they found them. I am glad my wife wasn’t home for that. It was endless lines of ants, back & forth. First big ants, they stopped coming after a day, then the small ants marched in. I must have attracted the neighborhood ants. After a few days, they stopped completely for about a year. We put them out about a month ago & after a few days, they stopped too.

Terro is great..available at Home Depot.

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