Treadmill repair needed

Hi, Can anyone recommend someone to replace just  a treadmill motor? I have a Sole Treadmill in my home.  The capacitors burned out and I’d be happy if the motor could be replaced. Rather pay for new motor than have to buy whole new treadmill. The treadmill was plugged in but not being used. Visiting toddler had pulled out that emergency cord on the console, so maybe there was some electrical signal going through for many hours. Several nights later woke up to smell like burning charcoal.  The capacitors had slowly burned. But the body of the treadmill is fine. I would just like to pay someone to replace the motor. Thanks for any advice!

Call a bicycle shop.

High Gear Cycle.. Millburn,  might be your best bet or try the one on Springfield Ave in Maplewood

In the past, I found the bike shop roughly across from the Park Wood particularly unaccommodating for matters such as this. And after Danny died, Maplewood Shed likewise was totally uninterested in thinking outside of the box. These views are based on one visit to each shop in June 2020, and a return visit to the Shed in November 2020. 

If Ralph is still at One Stop, that’s where I would try for your replacement. Even if he says no, he could give a recommendation.

Gordon Dart is no longer around.

The problem you may face is getting the motor. Everything seems to be on back order. I've been waiting 5 weeks for parts, and there's still no word as to when they might appear. I encountered a similar problem a couple of years ago, and it took forever to finally get the parts needed.

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