Two Thumbs Up To Millstone Lawn & Garden

Two thumbs up to their customer service.

A few days ago I called to inquire about getting top soil delivered.  I was given a price for the top soil and a price for delivery which seemed pretty good to me. They were only going to charge me one delivery fee even though they were coming two or three times.  So the next day I called an ordered five yards to start with and ask them to hold a spot open in the afternoon for the next five yards and they said they would.  We (me and two guys I hired) were almost finished with the first load, so I called to tell them we were ready and to find out what time they would be here.  I was told they weren't sure of the time but it would be soon.  When 2 p.m. came I called to see where my soil was and was told they were backed up but would try to get there by the end of the day, OR I would be the first delivery out in the morning.  I keep the guys here until 3:30 and then drive them home.  Next morning comes and we are ready to go, except we don't have any soil again. 

I wait until 9:30 and then I call and I get a new person on the phone who tells me they are out of topsoil.  Now I am not a happy camper so I asked why I was lied to twice by one of your employees to which he responded with sincere apologies.  He said they were getting more soil at 1:00 and guarteed my deliver to be the first one.  We put the tools away, the guys wash up, and I take them home at 10:30.  At 10:40 I get a call telling me they got the soil and are ready to send it.  Again I am not a happy camper because I have now paid for eight hours of the guys doing nothing so I tell him to bring it first thing in the morning and to be ready to send the next load at 10:30.

The next morning comes and my phone is ringing, its them they are almost here.  They dump the load and the driver says "this one is on us" , I say I can't do that and he says "yes you can, you got jerked around by us".   He told me they had to let that employee go, he was making too many mistakes.

WOW that is a savings of $250.  Most places would have apologized and then fire the employee and that would be the end of it.  This company saw they screwed up and jerked me around and without any major complaint from me they offer a free load of topsoil worth about $250.  It's not even about the money, its the fact that they saw what happened and owned up to it on their own. 

If you guys from M.L.G are reading this I want to say thank you and tell you how impressed I was with your customer service.

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