Word Association - Film Edition

The Sun Also Rises -- Henry King

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Rupert Wyatt

Plan 9 from Outer Space -- Ed Wood

It Came From Outer Space - Jack Arnold

The Day of the Jackal -- Fred Zinnemann

Dog Day Afternoon - Sidney Lumet

High Noon - Fred Zinnemann

The High Sign -- Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline

Edward Scissorhands -- Tim Burton

Dr. Faustus - Richard Burton

Doctor Zhivago - David Lean

Lean On Me - John G. Avildsen

Kiss Me Kate -- George Sidney

The Kiss of the Spider Woman - Hector Babenco

Killer's Kiss -- Stanley Kubrick

The Killing Fields - Roland Joffe

The Island of Dr. Moreau -- Don Taylor

Island of Lost Souls - Erle C. Kenton

Lost Horizon -- Frank Capra

Lost in Translation - Sofia Coppola

Sophie's Choice - Alan J. Pakula

Hobson's Choice -- David Lean

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Peter Jackson

The Son of the Sheik -- George Fitzmaurice

Son of Frankenstein - Rowland V. Lee

Summer of Sam - Spike Lee

The Long Hot Summer -- Martin Ritt

Long Day's Journey Into Night - Sidney Lumet

It Happened One Day -- Charley Chase

Charlie Chan at the Olympics - H. Bruce Humberstone

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