Word Association - Film Edition

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry -- John Hough

Dirty Harry - Don Siegel

Donnie Darko -- Richard Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly -- Roger Corman

Annie Get Your Gun - George Sidney

Get Shorty - Barry Sonnenfeld

Barry Lyndon -- Stanley Kubrick

The Shining -- Stanley Kubrick

Shining Through - David Seltzer

Through a Glass Darkly - Ingmar Bergman

The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs - Delbert Mann

Side Street -- Anthony Mann

Back Street - John M. Stahl

The Last Seduction -- John Dahl

The Last Temptation Of Christ - Martin Scorsese

Tin Men -- Barry Levinson

Barry Lyndon - Stanley Kubrick

Donnie Brasco -- Mike Newell

Donald Duck A Good Time For A Dime - Walt Disney (2nd one in with Daisy's dance of the 7 veils)

Lord Love A Duck -- George Axelrod

Lovers And Other Strangers - Cy Howard

Melvin and Howard - Jonathan Demme

A Beautiful Mind - Ron Howard

Bathing Beauty -- George Sidney

La Belle Et La Bete - Jean Cocteau

La Bête Humaine - Jean Renoir

Of Human Bondage - John Cromwell

Altered States - Ken Russell

State Of The Union - Frank Capra

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