Word Association - Film Edition

Days of Heaven -- Terrance Malick

Heaven Can Wait - Ernst Lubitsch

Heaven Help Us -- Michael Dinner

(love this film...a real sleeper...RIP John Heard)

Harry & Son -- Paul Newman

Sons and Lovers - Jack Cardiff

House of Cards -- John Guillerman

The Fall of the House of Usher - Roger Corman

Baby The Rain Must Fall -- Robert Mulligan

The Rains of Ranchipur - Jean Negulesco

Rancho Deluxe -- James Perry

A Perilous Journey - R.G. Springsteen

Long Day's Journey Into Night - Sidney Lumet

His Wedding Night -- Roscoe Arbuckle

It Happened One Night - Frank Capra

It Happened In Brooklyn -- Richard Whorf

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - Elia Kazan

Tree's Lounge - Steve Buscemi

The Learning Tree - Gordon Parks

Flash Gordon -- Frederick Stephani

E. T. The Extra Terrestrial - Steven Spielberg

The Trial of Billy Jack -- Tom Laughlin

Saint Jack - Peter Bogdanovich

The Reluctant Saint -- Edward Dmytyrk

Edward Scissorhands - Tim Burton

Black Hand -- Richard Thorpe

The Black Orchid - Martin Ritt

Brother Orchid -- Lloyd Bacon

Brother Sun, Sister Moon - Franco Zeffirelli

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