words that rhyme or ALMOST rhyme with the word "DAVE"

Vanessa Redgrave

Posted By: boomieconcave

Said that Missylago


Can't believe we missed "pave."

Plave. Oh wait. I don't think that's a word.


Posted By: The Soulful Mr Tcarve


Global extraordinary rendition.

To blathe

(you know, from my FAVE movie, The Princess Bride!)

I got one that I think very few people will know. I didn't know what the--heck--it was until about two weeks ago when my husband announced that's what he wanted for Christmas:


waif ???

Chafe ???

see now I would think thats a lathe...

It was used to make spokes in barrels, which is why it's called a "spokeshave." They were so original back then...

Cumquat (in George Carlin voice)

Se-AT-tle (in Homer Simpson voice)

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