Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my ad online? 39 days.

What is the process of posting an ad?
- Log in
- Click on "Submit payment" - once payment goes through, your ad will be live on the site.
- Your ad will be online

How do I edit or remove an ad?

Are there any thing to be concerned of?
We can't stress enough to KEEP IT LOCAL, anyone from out of the area or if they mention payment via cashier's check are scams - 99% of the time. It's a good idea to at the very least to talk to the person on the phone and insure they have a local number.


Latest scammer emails - do NOT respond to messages from the follow email addresses (last few characters are cutoff):


Don't accept Partial payments - over any overpayment from someone from out of town.

Anyone who send a check in advance of picking up merchandise is usually a scammer.

If someone mentions payment by cashier's check, MoneyGram, GadaPay or Western Union - it's a scam.

Keep it local - meet them in person - talk on the phone.  Get references.  Cash is always best!