Any fans of Thomas Merton? Recommended books for beginner?

I was struck by Pope Francis' comments about Thomas Merton.  What book of his would be a good place to start?  Useful bio or criticism?

Many folks have recommended "The Seven Storey Mountain."

As Vivaldo mentions, The Seven Story Mountain, which is his autobiography, is a good place to start.

Thanks, guys.  Seven Storey Mountain is the one I had heard of.  I was hesitating on it since Merton seems not to have thought so well of it later.  However, with your kind recommendations, plus a short piece about it by James Martin (which I will tuck into the actual (gift) book), I'll go for it.  Hope it eases/opens the heart of the recipient.

Happy days & holidays to you!

I prefer Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander - very compelling,from the period in which he was thinking critically about his calling as the result of inter-religious dialogue and his engagement cross-culturally - but you really can't go wrong. He was such an important voice.

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