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Discussion: Question on Ivermectin

terp said:

sbenois said:

God Bless Them.  Drink up I say.   If one is stupid enough to drink that, it's just one less idiot on the planet to deal with.

Drink away!!!!!!

 This condescending idiocy is really what is tearing this nation apart.  You are a manifestation of the arrogance and the ignorance that literally may be  the biggest  problem in the world today.   

Anyway, We know a few things at this point in the pandemic.  

First, we know the vaccines are not very effective at preventing cases nor are they effective at preventing transmission.  This has manifested itself in a number of ways.  Israel, UK, etc have had higher peaks with the vast majority of their citizens vaccinated.  This just does not happen if the vaccines are effective at preventing spread.  In addition, you saw the change of tone from people like Anthony Fauci and Rachel Wallensky.  It went from, once we get to a specific threshold we will never see peaks like we saw last year.  That changed to mask up even if vaccinated.

Second, the virus spreads in regional waves.   There does not seem to be very good correlation to mask mandates, school closures, vaccination, etc.  The virus gonna virus.

Third, considering the above, we will never get to zero covid with these vaccines.  Frankly, we are not likely to ever get to zero covid.

What does this mean?  This means that getting a vaccine is a personal health decision.  You may think that a person should get vaccinated for their own health, but there is no moral societal argument to be made.  I will take this a step further and say that people should be free to choose how to treat themselves for this and other diseases. Again, you may not agree with some people's choices, but those are personal medical decisions.  If someone chooses to take ivermectin, Hydrochloroquine, vitamin D, etc.  That is their choice.  All of this politicization of the treatments is causing more harm than good.

 **** off.

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Discussion: Booster shots are scheduling: EssexCOVID.org

Rcarter, thank you for the advice.   I called Essex County a few minutes ago and they said they are back to immunocompromised. The Federal guidelines change often, so it is good to pay attention to the news. Both Moderna and Pfizer are used.    They also stated 8 months for boosters.  So, since things are probably very slow, they may be simply be taking in walk-ins for boosters.  8 months ago (January for the second vaccination) would have been health care providers and immunocompromised.  So both these groups are as I understand the guidelines are eligible.    I guess the only way to know for sure is to simply go ahead, but expect that they may turn you away.   I think Essex County has been doing a great job on this whole vaccination and testing program and I wish that the rest of the country was doing the same. You can call them with questions.   

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Discussion: Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day - October 2nd

Virtual Cafe is a good default choice, especially since it seems to attract a large number of readers.

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Discussion: Inconsequential Chat

As long as the message gets through...

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

One of the first actions taken by Biden back in January — purely political — was to halt the wall construction sending a signal to the world that America was open to all. The nationalities represented at the bridge reveal the diversity of folks seeking entry.

 In 4 years, former President Trump spent 18 Billion Dollars and only built 80 miles of fencing. 47 miles of primary fencing. 33 miles of secondary fencing. Mexico hasn't given us a dime for it. This is why I call BS on you whenever you pretend you're a conservative. 

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

While we embark on rebuilding our nation into a socialist state, no longer a democracy, who will America be? 

Are you aware that socialism and democracy are not mutually exclusive?  

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Discussion: It’s Dave’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Dave!

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

dave said:

Watching Reuters this morning and noting the places under the bridges were entirely empty of encampments, I thought to myself:  that was the shortest border crisis in memory.  

 But the beginning of the spin-off, “Where in the United States are the 15,000+ migrants who had been under the bridge since weekend”? 

Edited to add: Border security experts today reported that those people under the bridge represented 70 countries, and that they had been aware of the growing diaspora on the move. Yet, the administration ignored the information. 

 Your and my ancestors were part of a “growing diaspora on the move” throughout the U.S. a century or more ago. And they were feared and hated by people like yourself. You really should be ashamed of many of the things you write about immigrants. 

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Discussion: Question on Ivermectin

Steve said:

Um, which part was right? 

The part that said arrogant ignorance is a problem.

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Discussion: Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud phenomenon

As much as I'd love to, I don't think I can (or had better) use the correct name for the cloud formation either in the title bar or in the body of this post.

Read the article, and check out the stunning photo to see the name given to this stunning cloud formation.


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